Now this is a FUN idea!  I’m planning to make more of these.  It is an idea that I got from Stampin’ Up!  Make your own twist ties with Washi Tape! Since our Stampin’ Up! products coordinate you can now coordinate a twist for your treat bags to match your tags – fun!


Here is how you make the twist tie

  • get a piece of floral wire – the one I used was 20 gauge
  • cut the wire to the length you want for your twist tie
  • get a piece of Washi tape just a little longer than your piece of wire
  • lay the wire in the center of the Washi tape
  • Put another piece of Washi tape on top of the first – sandwiching the wire in between
  • finish the edges – I snipped mine into little flag points
  • now twist it around your project

Here is a closer look at the twist tie from the back of the project.


I used a matching piece of Washi Tape (actually half a piece) on the front of the tag that I tied to the treat bag.

I think this is a really fun idea and I already have plans for some more twist ties using different washi tape.  Oh the Washi tape that I used here is from the Season of Style pack.

That is project # 11 from my Washi Tape class – seriously I went overboard – and I’m still not done!  I think I have 2 more projects.  They are all pretty quick to make and so much fun.