I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday this past week (if you are in the US that is).  We spent the week in Virginia with Greg’s family and had a great time.  We did some shopping, played some games, did some cooking, a little bit of crafting (making turkey boxes and advent calendars), and enjoyed each others company.  Our trip home on Saturday was a tad bit more interesting than our usual – as we drove through Tennessee we happened to see the highway sign that said the interstate was closed – this was probably a couple of hours before we got to that point – so the iphone came in handy – I searched for traffic and then live cams and the maps to figure out what was going on and what we needed to do – as it turned out the interstate was completely shut down for 5 hours – no cars through at all.  We stopped at an exit for lunch before we got to that point and decided that we could go around it or home another way from that point.  Tyler drove from this point on – I was the navigator using the iphone and found a path around the accident and back to the interstate in Knoxville – problem #2 – the bridge across the river was closed and we had to follow a detour for that too.  But we got back on our path and made it all the way home with Tyler driving (a young 18 year old driver is still a little stressful but he did a good job and got lots of good practice).  Tyler and Kyle are both back at college and Sunday I did lots of laundry.  But hey – that’s not why you are here enough chatter and on to my project today.

I wanted to share this super cute punch art project with you today.  I created this box set of cards for the Knockout Punches online class for Ustamp with Dawn & Friends.

It is a box with 6 cards – each one featuring a different punch art garden animal.  A great project for scrap and lots of fun to make.  I’ll be offering this as a class next year as we get ready for spring – so keep an eye on my hands-on class schedule.  And if you don’t live near me the full tutorial is available as part of the Knock Out Punches version of UStamp with Dawn & Friends – you can sign up for that and get over 45 great punch projects all with a tutorial and pictures.  Lots of fun stuff – here is the link to the Ustamp site.  You can also click on the button on my side bar.

And guess what – they are predicting that north Georgia will get some snow on Tuesday!  We’ll have to see if that happens and if it gets to us.  Have a wonderful day!