You might wonder what Flower Garden Decor Elements have to do with a Diaper Genie.  And no – I don’t have a diaper genie, and if you saw one at my house it wasn’t mine.  Jamie brought me her diaper genie and I decorated it for her with the Flower Garden Decor Elements.  And look at how cute it turned out.

I purchased two sets of the flowers and put them on all the way around.

And to finish it I added a piece of Pretty in Pink wide ribbon at the top and attached it with mini glue dots.  Now it sits in the baby room at Jamie’s house and it fit in so perfectly.  Here is a picture from Jamie –

See the diaper genie on the left side – it matched all her decor  just perfectly.  And who is the room for – well for Baby Chloe –

born on Dec. 15th!  Congratulations to Jamie and her husband on welcoming their new little one into the world!

Hopefully Jamie will be back for stamp club in January.

Have a great weekend!