In-Color Recipes

Do you want to have some recipe ideas featuring the new In-Colors?  I mean real food recipes – not card recipes!

At my New Catalog Kickoff party I wanted to feature snacks that related to our new in-colors since whoever creates the names generally seems to always be hungry as most of them are food related.  So prior to my party I went on a search for some recipes to try and here is what I came up with.

First I had Cucumber Crush Bites –

cucumber-crush-bitesThis was a recipe I had found a few months ago online somewhere and I see it going around all the time.  If you are on Weight Watchers – this works – except for the cream cheese it’s no points.  I used lite cream cheese but you could probably use a no-fat version too.  You can find the recipe here.

The next color was Watermelon Wonder – besides just serving watermelon I wanted to find something else and came across a salsa recipe.  So here is Watermelon Wonder Salsa –

watermelon-wonder-salsaThis one is also great for Weight Watcher’s – the only points are the chips and I got Whole Grain tortilla chips.  You can see the recipe here.

Out next color is Delightful Dijon and for that one you can go a lot of different ways.  I finally choose to have Delightful Dijon Ham Sliders.

delightful-dijon-slidersThis would not be Weight Watcher friendly but I did try to make them a little better with some wheat buns and lite cheese.  I think there are many versions of this recipe around.  This is the one I used – see it here.

Then there is Mint Macaron – which should be easy just buy Mint Macarons.  Well I couldn’t find any around here where I live so I needed an alternative.  I decided on Mint “Macaron” Cupcakes.

mint-cupcakesNow I was hoping to get the frosting to look like our Mint Macaron color but I didn’t have any luck with that.  Mine is just green looking and the frosting didn’t set up like it should have either – probably my fault for using lite cream cheese.  I was trying to make it a bit more healthy.  They still tasted good even if they didn’t look the way I wanted.  See the recipe here.

So the last one was tricky – Tip Top Taupe – not exactly a food related name so I put on my thinking cap and came up with Tip Top Taupe Toffee!!  I thought it was a perfect treat to round out my snacks.

tip-top-taupe-toffeeI used an old recipe that I’ve made before – although usually i make it in the winter time.  I swear in this summer heat it didn’t quite turn out the same – but still yummy tasting.  See the recipe here.

I also served some water that I had cucumbers in so that was pretty tasty.  Everyone enjoyed the snacks.  Now you have your whole in-color menu ready to go!  Enjoy!

Thanks for visiting today – let me know which recipe is your favorite.