I hope the answer to that question was YES!

Here is a sneak peek of a new stamp coming in the Holiday Mini Catalog called Bingo Card.  And guess what it looks like.  Yep a Bingo Card.  So I decided to use it to make a Bingo game for my open house that I had this past weekend.

I stamped out 15 cards, cut them and put them on card stock.  Then I got out lots of stamp sets and stamped images in the squares randomly to create my cards.  I used the In-Colors and Chocolate Chip for my game.  I also created the calling pieces and markers.

We had so much fun playing Bingo Saturday afternoon at my Open House that I thought it would be fun to play on my blog too.  We also played at the workshop I had on Sunday afternoon.  So are you ready to hear about Monika’s Blog Bingo?

So I thought about how I would do this and let’s hope it works out – I reserve the right to adjust the game if necessary.

First since I plan to mail a prize to the winner you need to live in the US (sorry if you don’t but the prizes are SU product in most cases).

Second: I created 15 cards so I’m going to have 15 people play in each round and I hope to do multiple rounds.

Third: You need to email me at monikastamp@comcast.net with Monika’s Blog Bingo in the subject line and tell me you want to play.  I need your name and your mailing address (so if you win I can send you a prize).

Fourth: I will email you an image of your Bingo card – each card is unique and I will have them numbered so I know which one you have.

Fifth: After I have all 15 players I will post a Bingo Piece each day on my blog – so you have to keep coming back – it will likely be at the end of my regular post for the day – and if I don’t have a regular post it will just be by itself.

Sixth: I will post Bingo Pieces until someone has Bingo – you must have 5 in a row – across, down, diagonal – just like normal bingo and once you have Bingo You have to email me that you have – send the email to monikastamp@comcast.net – subject I have Bingo!.  I will check your card against the pieces that have been played to make sure you have Bingo.  And if per chance there is more than one on the same piece, I will pick the winner by the time stamp on the email – first one wins after verifying the Bingos.

Then I’ll mail the winner a prize!

Does all that make sense?  Does it sound fun?  Did I miss anything?  I hope you’ll play along with me!  Is everybody ready….

If it works well then I’ll do another round with 15 new players.  I think it will be fun!  Let’s play Blog Bingo!

BINGO UPDATE:  I have 15 players for Round 1 and started a list for Round 2.

BINGO UPDATE 8/18/10: Round 1 is starting on 8/19 and I have filled a group for Round 2.  I’m now taking names for Round 3.