This was given to me by my friend Becky.  She made these for her children to give to their teachers.  I saw this same idea last year but forgot about it until Becky brought me one.

You need to punch three sizes of circles in a green card stock.  You will need three of each size.

Then you fold the circles – in half one way, in half the other way – then in the opposite direction in between. See the photo to see how they are pinched up to form the tree shape.

You will also need to punch a hole in the center so you can string them on a skewer.

Becky also added shimmer paint to hers. You can’t see that well in this photo.

At the top punch out two stars from a yellow card stock and glue one on each side of the top of the skewer.

The bottom of the skewer has candy on it.  With the base being a peanut butter cup.  Becky added a marshmallow for some snow.

Since here were gifts she put the bottom inside a store bought bag and tied them up.  But if you were serving for you family you could just set them out on a platter.

I know I saw this idea on someones blog last year and they used the gum drop bells and holiday type pieces which I wasn’t able to find last year so I never made any.

Merry Christmas!