This is the funnest card ever!  Is funnest even a real word?  This card is called the never-ending card and really is fun to play with.  I have been teaching this one to my clubs the last couple of weeks.  The concept was in an article in the Stampin’ Success magazine – which is a monthly magazine for Stampin’ Up! Demonstrators.  I love getting mine each month and reading it and seeing all the ideas and samples but it is even better because there are lots of online extras for us too.  What makes this card so much fun is that when you open it you do it over and over again and it rotates all the panels until you are back where you started.  So you can just play with it because it is never ending.

Here is the front of my never-ending card –

I used the Play Date Designer Series paper – which is on the Last Chance List (link is at the end of this post) and it is even on sale so you can get a great deal on this paper right now – but hurry before it is gone.  From here it opens in the middle and you fold each side outward to get to the second set of panels.

One of the stamp sets that I used is Family Phrases – I tried to add one of the little phrases on each panel so every time the next part of the card is opened there is another message.  This stamp set is also on the Last Chance List  (link is at the end of this post) – which I am bummed about because I use it a lot – I love the fun font that they used on this one.  And it coordinates with the All the Family sets.  From this part of the card you fold the two sections with the number paper out away from the center and it opens up more to get to here.

The other stamp set I used was the Forest Friends and it too is on the Last Chance list.  This is the cute set with the bunny and the tree and also has a deer and owl.  I like it because I like nature sets and this one fits in that theme.  Now you take the card and again fold outwards from the center and it takes you to here:

Here is the birthday message and a place to sign the card.  Then if you flip the panels again you go back to the front in the first picture.

I added the owls that are punched and dressed with the Play Date papers – they really made the card fun.  You can make their eyes look in different directions to add some character to them.  And while this looks like it would be really complicated to make it really isn’t.  The key is to take your two pieces of card stock (5-1/2 x 4-1/4) and score each one according to the diagram below and then cut them.  Then it’s just a matter of gluing them together in the right place and folding on all of your score lines.  I assemble the card first and then add all the decorations.  Here is the diagram -click on it to see a larger view.

Where the yellow spots are is where you put sticky strip.  Keep those two pieces together on the table just like it is shown in the diagram – then take the other two pieces (the ones on the right in the diagram) and basically lay them right on top attaching the corners with the sticky strip.  When you flip and fold – only fold on the lines that you scored don’t try to create new folds (they will be in the wrong place) – if it wants to fold somewhere it should it’s because one of the pieces needs to be flipping out of the way.

Everyone has had so much fun making this card!  I hope you do too.

Thanks for stopping by today!

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