Gosh what happened to Monday (and Saturday and Sunday)?  I was busy with family things and the days just quickly disappeared.  Kyle and Tyler came home Saturday night from California.  Kyle is finished with his summer internship.  He came home with a cough and I asked him if he was sick – “no”.  How long have you had the cough – “probably a month”.  So I made a doctor appointment for Monday and figured he could have walking pneumonia – well yes he does have a mild case.  Now he is on meds and has a recheck next week before he heads back to college.  See mom’s do know!

So I have had some questions about some of my posts last week and I’ll try to hopefully answer them all –

The ribbon shelves – I got them from Ikea – they are called Ribba picture shelves – for my ribbon wall I used two long ones and one short one.  I have some more that I plan to put up over the window to use for display of projects and cards.

The little basket – here is how I made it – start with a piece of card stock 6″ x 6″.  First score like a tic tac toe board – so 2″ on all the sides.  Now in the 4 corners on opposite sides score every half inch.  On the same sides mark the center square in the center to cut a triangle – from the center mark to the inside cross point of the tic tac toe.  You are going to cut between the 1/2 inch strips on the corners and cut to create triangles on the two centers (all on the same side – and do two opposite sides).  Then you cross over the strips over the triangles and attach with a brad.  Add a handle.

Here are some pictures that hopefully clear up the description I just gave.


basket scoring guide


basket cutting guide


assembling the side of the basket


The basket idea was shared by Fran Kennedy at my demo meeting and she got the idea from another demonstrator.  Here is my post for the finished and decorated basket – click here.  It was my Create with Connie & Mary project for last weeks Thursday challenge.

You should be able to make a bigger basket by starting with a bigger square.

Where did I stay at convention?  I stayed at the Shilo Inn the past few years.  But have a reservation next year at the Raddisson – the Shilo was full already.

And in case you are wondering I am going to the Chattanooga Regional in September.  Registration is open for demonstrators and guests.

If you have other questions let me know – leave a comment on my post.