Here is the card that Ryan gave to Greg for Father’s Day – Just-Fore-YouI would like to tell you that Ryan made the card – but he didn’t – I made it real fast.  Ryan was washing golf balls that one of the neighbors brought by (the ones that end up in his yard from the golfers missing their shots).  Ryan gave them all a good bath, scrubbed and dried them.  I remembered this card that I got as a swap at convention one year.  I used the Short Order Alphabet set which is on the Last Chance list.  It is one that I use alot because it has both upper and lower case letters in it.  And the matching Short Order Number set which also has some great coordinating pieces in it – including ‘st’, ‘nd’ and stuff like that.

Scool-bound-scrapbook I also used both the alphabet and numbers on the school layout – along with several other alphabets.  This is my oldest son when he was in kindergarten – now he is a senior in high school – can you believe how fast they grow up?

I guess one job I have this year is to finish the rest of the scrapbook pages for his school album.  Atleast that was my plan was to create a “school” album for each of the boys with a couple of pages for each school year.  I have tried to save atleast one thing each year where they have written their name.  The circle by his photograph was his actual handwriting in kindergarten. I have several years done but not all of them.  I also like to include a pocket page to insert report cards and certificates and stuff.  Time to finish the rest before he graduates.

I’m hoping to post something new every day this week.  We’ll have to see how the week goes.  Greg is still home and we are going back to the ENT today (I didn’t want to wait until Thursday).  I called and left a long message this morning because there hasn’t been any improvement over the weekend.  They wanted us to wait until Thursday and I said he needed to come in sooner we should be seeing improvement.  So gotta go now – I’ll have more info later….