Happy Valentine’s Day to you!  I hope you have a sweet day.

Each year we do Valentine’s a little different – when the kids were really young we started our family Valentine traditions – we cooked a fancy special dinner at home (I can feed the 5 of us a Lobster and Steak dinner at home for less than the 2 of us can go out).  And to make it fun for the boys I had a Valentine Scavenger hunt for them.  Each year is different and they have to solve riddles or decipher secret codes and search for hidden treats through out the house.  Now they are older and with Kyle and Tyler in college I wasn’t sure the tradition would continue – but we managed to get us all together one more year – but we did it on Saturday night so Kyle and Tyler could be here too.  We had our yummy lobsters and steak that Tyler prepared this year.  Ryan made chocolate covered strawberries and I made some cute mini parfait desserts – they seem to be all the rage right now and I found some mini glasses at the store.   I’ll find the picture of the desserts – it must be on my phone – since I didn’t find it on my camera.

Found it – I thought these little mini desserts were really good.  First I baked some little brownie bites I found at the grocery store – they were Valentine Brownies with little pink and red chocolate chips.  Then I layered my little glasses with first a brownie bite, then some vanilla yogurt, some fresh raspberries, and then another layer of each.  They were easy to make.

Enough about that – now on to this cute card.  I love this card when I saw it at Leadership.  I saw it hanging on the displays and took a picture, then saw it again on the contest winners display and took another picture.  And then was excited to see that I actually had it as a swap!  The designer of this card was Catherine Sanders.  Don’t you just love this card?  I do.  And we made it in my Friday class and I plan to give one to Greg today too.  There are a few new products from the Occasions Mini Catalog on this card – the P.S. I Love You stamp set was used.  The Adorning Accents Embossing Folders – the little hearts across the middle of the white panel.  And the Fashionable Hearts Embosslit.

Happy Valentine’s Day!