I hope your St. Patrick’s Day has been good and green!  I started to put on a blue shirt this morning and then remembered I better wear green.  Ryan had a band performance today during school so they had to wear their band attire and it is not green.  So we used a piece of green ribbon and tied it around his wrist.

Here is a quick project that we made at the STARZ group meeting the other weekend.

It is a pin that you could attach to your shirt or bag.  This one was made out of a variety of green fabric prints.  These were cut using the Big Shot die cut machine and the Circles #2 Originals die.  Then you just layer various circles, add a piece of green touelle, and a clear button to the center and sew it with some green thread.  On the back add a pin back and there you have a quick little project.  Or put it on a headband or pony tail holder or add it to a key chain.

For a different holiday use different fabrics.  The Big Shot can cut several layers of fabric at the same time – depending on the thickness you can cut as many as 8 layers at the same time.

And look what we have flying outside the house – the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets flag.  Kyle finally heard from them – it was a long wait at least for me – and he was accepted.  Yeah!  We are very proud of him!

Now we have to figure out what all he has to do next.

Today was also the day we picked up graduation announcements – I did order the formal printed announcements from the school.  I plan to make invitations for a little celebration – he won’t want very much but we’ll doing something anyway.  We are already half way through March  – so May will be here before we know it.