Happy New Year to you!

Can you believe 2011 is here?  Time is moving so quickly, my boys are growing up and two are practically out the door.  Kyle really likes going to Georgia Tech – it doesn’t even sound like he wants to come home for the summer – he applied for some intern positions – some are out of state and it he doesn’t get any of those he wants to stay in school.  He is excited about his TA position for next semester and says he would do that again over the summer and continue with classes if he doesn’t get  an internship.  One of my Christmas presents was a GT Mom t-shirt and the other was that he made all As and has a 4.0 for his first semester – how exciting is that!  I knew he was smarter me – I didn’t start GT with a 4.0 and don’t think I ever had that the whole time I was there.

Here are a few more projects to finish out my Year in Review for 2010….

October 2010 – French Foliage scrapbook page


I could have also picked the Boo Banner or the Scarecrow box.


November 2010 – JOY Banner

This was one of my Royal Blog Tour projects.


December 2010 – I Love Christmas scrapbook layout


Now I just need to add pictures to my scrapbook pages.

I wish you the best in 2011!

Oh – and it won’t be long before I start having bird updates!!  The Bluebirds have been in the yard and I have seen them and some other starting to check out the bird houses.  This week I’ll go make sure all of them are clean – not sure if anyone was roosting inside on those cold nights.  And I have two new ones to hang – a woodpecker house – yes the same one from last year that never got put up, and a new one from my friend Sue that she gave me for Christmas – it looks like a cat – so we’ll see if any birds will go in its mouth to build a nest!