pileated-woodpeckerI know it isn’t the greatest of pictures but this is a Pileated Woodpecker which was the bird that “Woody Woodpecker” was modeled after.  I have only seen one come by a few times.  He was actually in the neighbors yard on a rotten log.  They have a large chisel beak.  This is a big bird – 15″.  One of the biggest birds that we get in this area.  He is almost as big as the Red-Shouldered Hawk that I got pictures of a few weeks ago. And is the largest wood pecker in North America.  Its wingspan is 26″ – 30″.  You should seem him glide through the trees!

I was outside and happened to see the bright red crest on his head moving around.  I ran inside to get my camera and went to the back porch.  He wasn’t there very long and then flew up into the trees back behind our yard.  pileated-woodpecker-2 This one appears to be a male because it looks like he has a red moustache behind and below his bill.   The female has a black moustache.

I hope he comes back again – I would love to get some more pictures of him.

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