Bluebird Babies that is!

I counted on the calendar the other days – the mother incubates the eggs for 12-14 days.  So based on my calculations the babies should have hatched from 4/18 – 4/20.  Yesterday it rained so I didn’t go check but while I was out in the yard this morning I noticed the mother fly out of the box.  So I went to see and yep – babies!

So in 15-18 days the babies will be ready to leave the nest.  Right now they are tiny a helpless – I’m pretty sure all 4 are in there – but in the picture you can clearly see three of them.  When I first peeked in I counted 4 but I had to go inside to get the camera and they had moved a little bit by then.  As they grow a little bit I’ll check again.

The other babies probably aren’t due to hatch until the end of the month – some time next week is my guess – the chick-a-dee, robin and tufted titmouse are all incubating their eggs.

I have a cute card project to post shortly and I’ll share more about the tile coasters in another post.

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