I received my order earlier this week with the Vintage Ornaments Decor Elements.  I ordered 2 sets – Chocolate Chip and Real Red.  Originally I was going to put them in my front bay window so you cold see them from outside, but then I decided if I did that then I couldn’t see them and they are really pretty and I wanted to see them every day.  So I decided instead to put them on the big picture window in my kitchen.  It didn’t take long to put them up.  And here is the result:

During the day I can still see through to the back  yard and at night when it is dark outside I can still see the ornaments on the glass.  I’m very pleased with how they turned out and the were easy to put on the glass.  I washed my window first with window cleaner and dried it.  Then cut apart the pieces from the big sheet and decided where i wanted to position everything.  The very first ornament I placed with a full length of the string so for that one I first put up the string – it is the long skinny Chocolate ornament – and then put on the ornament.  I did use a small level to help me get everything straight but I still don’t think it is perfect.  For the rest of them I first put on the ornament and made sure they were all higher than the first one I did – except the smallest of the Chocolate ones (he went up last).  I added all the string pieces by trimming them to the length I needed.  Then I used a full string plus an extra piece cut from one of the others to make the longest string for the small Chocolate ornament.  You can’t even tell that it was two pieces.

When using the Decor Elements use the applicator tool to burnish the Grid side of the paper first.  You want to transfer the vinyl image to the sticky paper – so it is the grid paper that you pull away.  If it doesn’t transfer completely when you pull it away just lay it back down and burnish some more – or try removing it from a different side.  Once you remove the Grid paper don’t let the vinyl curl up on itself – or you’ll have a big problem.  Then carefully position where you want it and burnish it so that it transfers from the sticky paper to your window or wall.

Have fun with your Holiday Decorating!