Have you seen the Stampin’ Up! Monster Hugs Valentines?  They are so cute!

monster-hugs You can get pink ones for girls and the blue ones for boys!  They are quick to put together –

  • sign the back
  • add the candy – there is already adhesive there for you to stick it on
  • cross the arms – the slits are there for you to latch them in place
  • add a heart – it’s self-adhesive
  • add a wiggle eye – they are self-adhesive too!
  • give them out!

The backs sides are so cute too – little hearts on their bums….


And they are a good price too $5.95.  Each package has enough to make 18 monsters – you just need to choose if you want BOYS or GIRLS or get a pack of each.  And decide on the candy – I used heart shaped lollipops for mine.  Stampin’ Up! has been showing them with chocolate nuggets.  And I’m sure there are other candies that you could use too.    


Oh here is a little tip I just realized – duh – wish I had figured this out earlier.  A lot of the candy – like these lollipops have expiration dates that are a couple of years out.  These were actually some I bought last year!  But they haven’t expired.  So that made me think – I could be buying candy on sale the day after each holiday!  Just check the expiration dates on it and see if it will last for the year – store in a good spot and your good to go and saved a bunch of money.   Just a thought. 

I’m off to go apartment hunting in San Francisco with Kyle.  It’s a long way from Georgia but it is an amazing and exciting opportunity for him to work for Facebook.  Wish us luck on our quick trip that we find something.