Hi all – I have been busy with the Retired items since I posted my list – over 100 items are either sold or pending.  I will be updating the list on my blog this weekend.  I am getting in payments and things are finalized and boxes things up to ship.  I plan to make a trip to the post office Friday afternoon for those that I have payments for and have been boxed and to get more boxes.

These are the ones that will ship out when I go –

Babe in CA

Kym in PA

Karen in WA

Annmarie in SC

Monicarol in NJ

Local gals – I have your here until we can meet up.

I have replied to all the emails I have received so far and am either waiting on payment or final decisions.  If you sent me an email and I didn’t reply please send again.  For those of you that asked for something that was already requested I will send an email if the deal doesn’t work out with the person ahead of you.

The list is HERE.

That’s all I can do tonight – time to get cutting for my scrapbook class tomorrow – if you send an email it may be Friday afternoon or Saturday before I reply.