robin3 This is not the best picture – this was Wednesday morning and it was raining so I was sitting on my screened porch taking pictures through the screen – so not the best.  But the Robins were still working on their nest – she brings in some nesting materials and pats it down with her feet and somehow it seems they also use their tail and or course their beak to arrange the nest.  It amazes me that they can get all of that to stay together up there and not fall down.  As far as the windows go I bought some Ultra Violet window clings that are supposed to help with the birds flying into the windows because they can see the clings.  I don’t know that it is helping – it seems now they are flying into the window on the other side of the nest so I may need to buy more.  And today one of them would sit on the window sill and peck at the window – trying to chase away the bird – it was his own reflection.  My windows are a mess – so I’ll have to get out and clean them soon.  I may clean them and then get Greg to put screens on some of them.

The Bluebirds and Chick-a-dees were both building their nests too.  I checked yesterday afternoon and no eggs in the Bluebird nest.  I’m not going to be able to tell with the chick-a-dees – their nest is so tall I can’t see into it.  I’ll try to take a picture of the nest itself soon – basically made of all moss.   As for the robins their nest is to high for me to see into but since it is visible from the porch I’ll know when the female starts sitting on her eggs.

Thanks for checking in on my birds.

Have a great day!