This is me rambling today – you don’t have to read it – nothing really relevant here – I’m working on a stamping post now – check back in a few minutes.

I decided that I am tired and cranky and not very tolerant of problems today and I seem to be having alot.  After being on Spring Break for a week and staying up late (but I didn’t last night) and sleeping in later than normal – this morning came early.  But I did go to bed early – I was so tired after everyone left yesterday – I think I fell asleep every time I sat still for too long – so I had several cat naps in the evening.  And my wonderful mother-in-law and her sister (Greg’s aunt) helped clean up all the dishes and food – I couldn’t stand any longer and had to sit.  37 people for Easter lunch (plus two extra dogs) and an Easter Egg hunt was a whole lot of fun but I am totally wiped out.  I’ll try to get a few pictures up later this week – I had some stamping projects scattered around – the bunny baskets I posted the other day.  Eggs and Chicks (from the Good Egg set) scattered around the tables.  Labels for all my food items – made using the new scallop oval punch and wide oval punch and then the large oval punch – yes they do all layer together nicely.  Everyone makes fun of my labels but there are several reasons that I have them – first of all I can plan where everything will go for serving the food, second I can see when everyone is here because all the spots will be filled (I have everyone bring something – I’m not doing all the cooking), third I save them for next year and already know what the menu will be!

So everyone got up – boys off to school and lots of rain and lots of wind!  I needed gas so I stopped on the way back from school – I’m getting ready to start and all the power goes out – can’t get gas.  So I drive to my jazzercise class across the street – no power over there either.  We wait 20 minutes and then go home.  Getting back into the neighborhood is like driving through an obstacle course – it is trash day so on the road the wind has blown over the trash cans, blown limbs off the trees, debris every where, trash everywhere it was just a mess.  But luckily my power was on and I got back in the house.  But since it did go out atleast for a minute at the house – the clocks are all flashing the computers have all shut down – so I had to reboot everything.  Later my mom called and the winds came her way – they had lots of trees and power lines down where they were.  But no damage to house/cars or their sail boat.

Then my computer monitor started acting up – blink on, blink off, blink on, blink off – I can’t get anything done after that – I was really cranky I could tell because I was ready to pick it up and throw it or kick it but that would not have made things better.  Instead I decided to take a monitor from one of the other computers in the house – that would be Kyle.  Now I can get something done again.  Finally made it to the post office and the bank and back home – realized the tennis courts at the front of the nieghborhodd had alot of damage – one whole side of the courts had the fence collapse onto the court – I guess they won’t be able to use those for awhile.  Now the sun is shining and I want to go get some stamping done.  And I have to finish the ribbon share which I forgot about last week – hmm I wonder what else was on my mind….  I’m working on the class to go kit for April – I really haven’t forgotten about that either.  I have work to do for Wow ScrapbookKits too.  Where does the day go – it is almost 7:00 pm!  Left overs for dinner for everyone – my fridge is stuffed with food – so no cooking needed.

I’m going to post this rambling of thoughts and then get a stamping project out real quick.

The sun is shining now and it is beautiful outside – so the day is looking better already….