I wanted to show you a little more detail on the Thinlit Card Dies that came out yesterday from Stampin’ Up!.   Here are close ups of all the pieces for each set.

Thinlits Circle Card Dies

Thinlits Circle Card Dies

Thinlit Label Card Dies

Thinlit Label Card Dies

And these were some samples that they had posted when we were at Convention on the Display Boards.



I can’t wait for mine to get here so I can play and show them to you in person.

And now to continue my San Francisco story from the other day.

Monday afternoon Kyle dropped us off at the San Jose airport – we got there several hours early so that he could get back to work for a meeting.  Even though our travel plans were messed up we were trying not to mess up his schedule too much.  The delay in leaving did allow us another visit and lunch at Facebook before we went to the airport.  Once there we settled in to wait on our flight.  This airport is small and quiet compared to what I am used to in Atlanta.  The boys played cards while we waited.

2013 Jul 08 039

In the evening we boarded a small plane to fly to LAX.  Everyone was still a bit uneasy about flying and when we heard a rattle in the overhead bin and the flight attendant couldn’t get it to stop all the people around me were just kind of looking at each other – still not sure what it was but the flight wasn’t too long and we finally landed at LAX and pulled up to the gate.  I watched out the window as the bridge was moved out to the plane – almost – then backed up – then to the plane – almost – then backed up – finally the pilot comes on and says the bridge isn’t working and they need to wait on maintenance to come out before we can get off the plane.  Finally the pilot comes on again and says its not the bridge but rather the plane is in the wrong place and needed to be moved – everything put away, everyone buckled in seats before we can move.  Finally that gets done, the bridge comes out and we get off the plane.

I wanted to stop at the help desk to check again on the direct flights – of course the same answer – they are full and overbooked just stick with the flight to Cincinnati.  So we walk from one terminal to another and find our gate.  Find some food and sit down to wait on the next flight which leaves just before 11 pm.  It is the red-eye – yuck.

After a while Tyler gets up to say he has to ask the Delta agent something.  I thought that was odd – I couldn’t think of what he would have to ask her that he wouldn’t ask mom or dad.  So we waited and he came back and sat back down.  Greg and I are looking at him wondering what he asked.  Well apparently all this time his head has been hurting – like its exploding – and he had already taken some ibuprofen after we landed and that didn’t help.  He asked her to call the EMTs because it hurt so bad.  OK then.  We sit and wait.  A short time later here come what look to be 3 fully decked out firemen – I guess they are the EMTs from the fire station that drive the ambulance – they have all their equipment and sit down with us.  Tyler gets hooked up and they talk to him and ask him questions about what is going on.

The options are to go to the ER – which will take all night since he would be low priority – not bleeding, breathing is normal, heart is good.  Or we can go to the emergency clinic nearby and probably see a doctor in a couple hours.  Problem – they can’t transport us there – it’s not part of their jurisdiction.  But one of them remembers that the clinic has an EMT on staff that runs a shuttle service and he can come get us – so they call him.  The EMT says one of us should go with Tyler and the other continue home with Ryan on our scheduled flight.  So we decide that I will go with Tyler and Greg and Ryan will continue home.  Now we all go talk to the Delta agent and wait for the other guy to arrive.  She interrupts travel for Tyler and I and then says she will put us on another flight – so i ask her to put us on a morning flight to Atlanta – the first one leaves at 5:45 am.  At first she starts to say she can’t do that since our flight isn’t direct – to which I pointed out that yes we in fact did have direct flight to begin with and should have been home already not here at this airport at all – so I expected her to get us on a direct flight – she said she needed supervisor approval and I said well you get that while we go to the emergency room.  As we left she assured me that she would take care of getting us on a morning flight direct to Atlanta.  Greg and Ryan and our luggage would continue on to Cinn. and then ATL.

Now the other EMT showed up so I luckily remember to give things to Greg – like the car keys!  the little tickets for the luggage and I even managed to remember the coupon for parking.  Gave them their boarding passes.  And then he gave me all his cash.  The first 3 EMTs left and we went with the 4th guy that showed up.  We walked out of the terminal and back towards the security area.  As we approached the security people made everyone stop – I mean they made everyone FREEZE – no moving, not even one step in the entire area.  Guess what – it was a security breach!

After a few minutes the security agent asked the EMT if he had a patient – he said yes a patient and his mom – he showed his ID and we were allowed to leave the airport and go to his shuttle.  And he drove us to the Emergency Clinic.   Once he dropped us off though the shuttle service was done for the night so we would have to take a Taxi back to the airport and the clinic would give us a voucher for that later.  OK – I didn’t need to stress about getting back to the airport.  So now we waited at the clinic to see a doctor.

I’ll stop here for now.  So if you want to know how the story continues be sure to check back.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!  And I always enjoy the comments – including the ones about your travel troubles – glad to hear I wasn’t the only one.