So sorry I missed you yesterday – I went to visit my parents for the day – I was busy in the morning making a few things to take up there and then we didn’t get back until late.   I’ll post a separate post of the projects I made in a few minutes.  But first I thought I would share some pictures from Valentine’s Day and stuff about yesterday – if you only want the stamping stuff wait for my next post.

Here are some pictures from our Valentine’s Day Dinner and Scavenger hunt –

Big table decorated with the mailboxes

small table for Tyler and Haley

Haley and Tyler

Tyler and Haley sat at their own table but I got to take pictures.  And they had to come join us for the scavenger hut and dessert.

Tyler and Haley

Kyle and Ryan

I created secret codes with clues for each of the boys and things hidden around the house.  This year they found stuff to create ice cream sundaes for dessert.

Ice Cream Sunday bar

It was fun and we all enjoyed the evening.  I got a Pandora bracelet and a Heart bead – Greg said he spent a lot of time trying to find the perfect Valentine Bead and that all the stores were sold out.  And I got a pot of red roses – that I can plant and they’ll last for years to come.  That was our Valentine’s Day.

Oh here is a picture of our food – the lobster tails turned out good and so did the twice baked potatoes – it’s nice to know I can cook something that tastes as good as the professionals in the restaurant (at least to all of us it did!).

My next post will have the projects I made Monday morning….

be back in a minute….