It’s raining, it’s snowing, the wind is really blowing…….We have SNOW in Georgia!  So it isn’t like what everyone up north gets – ours is melting as soon as it hits the ground and it is mixed with rain – but if it keeps up all day (100% precipitation for today) and cools off like they say (into the 20s tonight) we might have snow on the ground by the end of today!  I tried to take a picture but it just looked like rain – I’ll try again later and if it does stick to the ground I’ll take one then.  Not a big deal for most people but we rarely get snow so it is a big deal for us.  I’ll be posting again later with a stamping project and sending out my monthly newsletter – some new products are available today.  Check back in a little while I’m working on all of that now.

Happy Snow Day!