During Sale-A-Bration (now through March 31st) you can earn the Notes Chalkboard Decor Elements for free.  I just got mine and put it up in my craft room this morning.  I thought I would show you the steps for putting it up.  It actually comes in two pieces and is larger than I thought it was going to be – 16 inches tall and 8 inches wide.

The first piece is the chalkboard background.  It is one large piece and you need to peel off the back paper leaving it on the sticky sheet – normally you have to burnish the side with the grid paper but I didn’t have to do that for this one and it wasn’t on the grid paper. Then position it on the wall where you want it.  Use the little applicator tool and burnish the entire piece starting in the center and working out so you don’t get bubbles in the center.  Go over the entire piece until it is adhered to the wall.

Then start in one corner and peel back the sticky sheet.  Peel that piece all the way off.  If you have any bubbles work them out to the edge using the applicator tool.

Now you have the chalkboard piece up and ready.  You could use it just like this if you wanted but it is boring so you probably want to add the second piece to it.

Next you need to prepare the second piece which is the part that has the doodle and the word “notes”.  This one is on a grid sheet so the first thing you have to do is burnish the entire image on the grid side so that it sticks to the sticky page.

Then slowly peel up a corner to remove the grid paper.  If you any part of the image is still sticking to the grid paper then lay it back down and burnish it some more.  I find that the smaller the piece the more it takes to get it to transfer to that sticky sheet.  This one was pretty easy since none of the piece are very small and detailed.

Now you want to take the image on the sticky sheet and position it on the wall where you want it.  In this case you want it right over the chalkboard background that you already hung up.  This piece fits exactly so I lined up one edge of the doodle with the edge of the chalkboard.  If it is straight it should match up exactly on the other side.  One trick that I do is gently tap down the sticky paper in a place where the design is NOT there – this holds it for a second so you can move your hand and see if you have it in the right spot.  You can still lift it back up if you need to and reposition it.

Once you have it in position you will do the same thing as the background – burnish the entire image so that it transfers to the wall.  Pull up a corner of the sticky paper and carefully pull back to see that it transferred – if it didn’t lay the sticky paper back down and burnish some more.  Once it is all transferred remove the entire sticky paper piece.

Ta-da!  Now your chalkboard note pad is ready to use.  I put mine on my craft room wall right by my door above the light switch.  I’ll see it every time I leave the room.  Right now I wrote on the next few classes that I have coming up that I need to prepare for.

That’s what I have for you today.  It’s been a hectic week.  The painters are outside – I can see their van but they haven’t come in yet – I’m not sure what they are doing – but they aren’t in here painting!  I cleared almost everything out of my kitchen, breakfast room and family room for them to paint and now half the day is almost gone…..and tomorrow I have class and don’t want them in there painting. Let me go out there and see what’s up.