Enough already – we have had rain everyday since last Tuesday and now it is Monday and it has been POURING since Sunday morning.  The boys (well Tyler and Ryan) have Fall break this week from school.  We have plans to go to Red Top Mountain State Park for a few days and stay in a cabin (good thing we aren’t tent camping).  I waited to do my shopping hoping the rain would stop but no luck so Ryan and I headed out a while ago to our local major discount store.  The whole time we were in there they were announcing cars that needed to be moved due to parts of the parking lot flooding.  Then we left there and went to the grocery store – a man in there told us our main road going over to the interstate was closed because of flooding.  We are planning to head out the back side of Towne Lake so we don’t have to go that way.  But now I think I will call the park and see if any of those roads are closed….

Kyle was sent home early from Kennesaw State – so they must have closed roads over there too.  This is just crazy and the forecast has rain all the way through next weekend.  So much for a nice fall break for the boys.

I’m not sure how many nice photos I’ll get to take on this trip maybe just a bunch of everyone looking like drowned rats.

I’ll be updating my blog with the rest of the projects from my Treat class last week.  I may not be checking email as frequently though.

Anyway – I  guess I’ll go pack up now….