Putt Putt Fun!  That’s what the kids like to do when we are at the beach.  I think they played three different times this year.  I put the pictures on a My Digital Studio scrapbook page.  This is actually a template that comes with the Forest Friends stamp set.  The template is an 8×8 template but this page is actually a 12×12.  I have figured out something that you can do in the My Digital Studio software that will let you get doubles out of some of your templates. Do you want to know how?

You will need to use two features that come with the software – one is under the EDIT menu and it is called CHANGE PROJECT SIZE/TYPE.  With this option you can change your 8×8 templates to 12×12 (or 5×5), change your 12×12 templates to 8×8 (or 5×5), and also change your 5×5 templates.  Then to use them in another project you use this other feature that is under the INSERT menu and it is called IMPORT FROM MY PROJECTS (you can also import from the designer templates but it only lets you pick from those that are the same dimensions).

If you follow these steps you’ll be able to pull in templates that were originally different dimensions.  So this is what I did for my 8×8 designer templates –

– create an 8×8 album – call it 8×8 designer templates

– add all of your 8×8 designer templates to the album (or which ever ones you want to convert)

– Select from the Edit menu – CHANGE PROJECT SIZE/TYPE – select photo album and then 12×12 – you can either replace the album or save as new

– once the conversion is complete you will have all the 8×8 templates in a 12×12 format. Now to use them in an album you do this –

– in your exsisting 12×12 album you select from the Insert menu – IMPORT FROM MY PROJECTS.

– then find the album that you created above that contains the 12×12 templates

– select the one you want and insert it into your album

I created multiple albums like this so I could convert the 12×12’s to 8×8’s also – and I seperated them into types of layouts – generic, Holiday, baby, etc.  I also included in the front page of the album a paragraph that said what it was – “these are 8×8 designer templates that I converted to 12×12” – I listed all the template original names that I converted – and added a note that said to use Import from my projects option to use them in a 12×12 album.  That was just in case I forgot what I did it for….

I hope you find that trick helpful!  Have a great day.