I found this bird today playing in my fountain outside my kitchen window.

She was there for quite a while moving all around so it was hard to get a picture of her.  She would dip her wings or head in and then shake.

I think this is a female finch of some type.  I have a lot of them around and see them at the feeders quite often.

Shake it all out!  Look at her go.  It would have been fun to have a video.

All the moms are sitting on their nests today – chick-a-dee, bluebird, robin and the titmouse.  The cardinal still has only one egg in the nest and I haven’t seen the mom.  There have been a couple of the male cardinals around back by the feeders.  I hate when they nest in the bushes it just seems like it isn’t safe.  We have lots of other little critters around.  I do my best to keep the cats out of the yard but occasionally they do try to sneak in.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

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