One more thing to share – not stamping related – but about Kyle (my 18 year old).  I just got this email from the college – we knew he had earned the award they called at the end of the semester but we hadn’t seen it in writing yet.  I thought I would share – we are very proud of him!

Dear JEHP students and parents,
Our fall grade statistices are in, and we thought you would be interested in the results.  JEHP students did exceptionally well in their classes:

  • The average GPA was a 3.4, in an average of 10.5 credit hours.
  • 37 students (30%) earned a 4.0 in their KSU coursework, including 27 students taking 9 or more credit hours, who will be named to the President’s List.
  • An additional 31 students earned a GPA between 3.5 – 3.99, including 23 taking 9 credits or more who will be named to the Dean’s List.
  • 54% of JEHP students earned a 3.5 or higher.  106 of 124 students earned a 3.0 or higher.
  • 39% of students enrolled in KSU classes full-time, taking four or five classes at KSU.

Congratulations to all of you for your success in your first semester of college work!

Each year, we select a JEHP student as the recipient of the Outstanding JEHP Student Award.  The award is determined by the highest GPA in the largest number of credit hours and honors classes.  The recipient is honored along with the top senior from every academic major on campus at the University Scholars Awards Ceremony, which will take place in April.  Please join me in congratulating Kyle Davis of Etowah High School as this year’s award recipient.  Bravo, Kyle, and kudos to all our JEHP students on a successful fall term.  I know you make your families and your high schools very proud.

Dr. Katherine N. Kinnick, Ph.D.
Director of Pre-College Programs and
Professor of Communication
Department of University Studies
Kennesaw State University

I’m a proud mom – can you tell!