So we are home from our mini vacation.  The rain finally stopped but not after doing a number on many parts of  Georgia and lots of the areas around us.  They have officially called this an EPIC flood –

We ended up going late on Monday to Red Top Mountain.  We encountered traffic – well dead stopped traffic – probably because the interstate near us was  closed in both directions as it was under water and that was the best alternate for everyone.  So we headed out a different direction and a round about way to get there.  As it turned out the way we normally go was closed due to the road being washed away so in either case we would have been detoured any way.  The rain was nice enough to stop and we were able to unpack and grill out for dinner.  Tuesday, Wed, and Thrs turned out to be beautiful sunny days – who would have thought based on the weather report.

sign on Tuesday

sign on Tuesday - on Wednesday I couldn't see the sign at all - it was completely covered

sign on Thursday

sign on Thursday - you can just barely see the top edge - look at the water level on the trees - the water is down from where it was on Wed.

We were on Lake Allatoona and it was high – on the news yesterday they reported it as 13 feet above full pool.  All the trees around the edge of the lake are in the water and many of the hiking trails are partially or mostly under water.   We tried to hike one of the trails on Tuesday and didn’t get far because of the water.  So we went over to another trail and hiked part of it.  On Wednesday we went backed and hiked the rest and discovered that the lake level was still rising on Wednesday – part of the trail we hiked Tuesday was now under water.  I also took pictures of a sign that was in the water on Tuesday, by Wed I couldn’t even see it anymore, then Thursday before we left I could just barely see the top again.

I think this was a record for GA.  I can remember flooding several years ago from one of the hurricanes but it wasn’t this bad.  And even longer ago when we lived in Powder Springs I remember the Sweetwater creek flooding, but this time it covered I-20 and Six Flags theme park – oh my the amount of water.  Here is a link of some pictures of the flooded roller coasters –

Here is a picture I found of I-575 flooded – this is only a few miles from our house I575 flood– this I think is one of the traffic cameras.

So here are some other pictures at Red Top Mtn park of the lake that I took while we were there.

White Tail Trail - cut off by the water

White Tail Trail - cut off by the water

trail under water - look at the trees

trail under water - look at the trees

water was still rising on Wed.  - we walked across this section of the trail on Tues.

water was still rising on Wed. - we walked across this section of the trail on Tues.

sunset on Lake Alltoona

sunset on Lake Allatoona

Tonight is Friday night and it is football night – Etowah versus Woodstock.

Cross your fingers for good weather and a great game!