Oh my goodness….I haven’t posted much in several days.  I had too many things on my plate and ran way short of time.

Friday was a big day – it was 8th grade night with the high school Marching Band.  So normally on 8th grade night the 8th grade band is invited to join the marching band at the football game.  They play in the stands with them and watch the half-time show.  It is a way to show the 8th graders a little about being in the marching band.  That was pretty much the scope of it.  The 8th grader normally get a t-shirt and some other little treat – one year I stamped the CD envelopes and filled them with cookies – here is what they looked like:

cookie-holder-smallThe ones I made for the band were in our school colors and I used an old retired music stamp set.  I made about 80 of those that year.  I think that was 2 years ago.  Anyway since I have an 8th grader and a junior in the marching band I figured it was appropriate for me to help with 8th grade night this year.  So about 3 weeks ago we started planning our 8th grade night and somehow I ended up in charge.

So here is what we did this year – we had a tailgate party before the football game.  We grilled over 300 hotdogs and served all the marching band students, 65 8th graders plus their families, plus all the parent volunteers.  Gave the 8th grader t-shirts and pom-poms, had a prize drawing, a parent meeting, the 8th grade parents got an overview of what the marching band does and a tour around the stadium to get their tickets, seats, etc.   Anyway it turned out to be a much larger event that what I thought it was going to be and coordinating all the volunteers was a bigger job that what I had planned for.  But it was an AWESOME event and the biggest turn out of 8th graders that they have had in years.  If all of the kids join marching band next year it will exciting – we have a large group of seniors graduating and we need an even larger group of 8th graders to replace them so that the band will grow.

I was totally exhausted on Friday night.  But my weekend didn’t end there.

Saturday was my Holiday Bazaar.  So I was working on items for that all week too and got up early Sat. to do final preparations, pack up my car, I made muffins (we had to bring food to share – but I was the only one that baked, everyone else did store bought – I should have done the same).  I was over there shortly after 10 to set up my table and the bazaar ran from noon to 7:oo PM.  It was a long day but I met lots of nice new people and saw many people that I already knew.  It was a new experience and I’ll be sharing this week the projects that I made.  I wish I had taken a picture of my table set up but I forgot.  I think it turned out well and I set up my son’s laptop to run a slide show of my first My Digital Studio album.  I haven’t had a chance to get a printed book so I ran the slide show instead.  I think this will be a great alternative to printing the albums to send to some of my family – I can create the movies or slide shows for them to see and a printed version for me to have.

2006 CLoudland Canyon-001This is the front cover of my album – the picture is Cloudland Canyon in the Northwest corner of Georgia – yes we have our very own canyons out here – they aren’t all out west.  This was a trip we took in 2006 that I never put in a scrapbook.  Using the My Digital Studio I was able to get the whole album together in  a few days.  I did decide that I am still a slow scrapper even in digital.  I tend to dwell to much over the little details, moving and adding and changing and resizing – but the great things about the digital is I can do all that without wasting a lot of card stock.

So anyway I have had an extremely busy week and now I have to catch up on all the things I neglected to do for the last week (or longer).  If you are waiting on a reply about buying some of my retired stamps – I am getting those out tonight and in the morning.  I’m going to go back through all my email to make sure I haven’t missed any questions from anyone.

This week I’ll have out the new Wow Scrapbook Kit and I’ll be finishing up the tutorial for the September Class Kit to Go.  I’m working on my October newsletter too for those of you that are on my mailing list.

Thank you for stopping by.  I have plenty of things going on this week too – a band exhibition, a band competition, a Decor Elements party, a  club meeting and then just the kids practices and stuff.

Have a productive week – I sure hope I do!