Months ago I bought some shelves to hang on the wall for my ribbon.  Finally Greg hung them for me last night.  Yeah!  We did discover that the wall is warped so they aren’t perfectly aligned – but that’s ok – they work and are just perfect for what I needed them for – all my ribbon.  But before I show those to you I’m going to show you my craft room – messy and then clean.  This is the messy room – boxes, bags and baskets all over the floor, table is covered (and so are the chairs).

And what my table top looks like – no more room to do anything – and look at how many bottles of glue I had buried under everything.

So I cleaned the floor, the chairs and the table.  And then afterwards I emptied out all the boxes, baskets and bags that I had moved out into the hall.  Some was convention stuff and holiday catalog stuff.

Then I moved everything off the back counter so that Greg could hang my ribbon shelves.  I also cleaned out my ribbon and pulling out all the retired and sorted through all my big shot framelits and embossing folders which were stacked – I’m still trying to decide how to store those – I think I have a solution for now.  Here are my ribbon shelves (this is before I added all the holiday ribbon).

It’s a rainbow of ribbon.  I used to keep them sorted by type of ribbon but I’m going to try by color now – so I made a rainbow – ROY G BIV followed by browns, blacks and whites.   I also moved my scrap jars to use them as separators between all the groups of colors.  So far I like this much better than what I had before.  And I have my scraps right with my regular ribbon.


Now I have to clean my desk so I can move my computer over there.  And then tackle the storage closet again.  It is a never ending thing.  I still have shelves for Greg to hang over my windows – those will be for display – they will be high up so I’ll put my most favorite projects up there.  It may take a few more months for that to happen though.  And I am considering painting one wall with chalkboard paint so I can use that to write on and hang a line to display cards and hold ideas.  I never hung the boards that I bought – maybe because it just wasn’t ever exactly the right thing and now I may have figured it out.  At convention they had all the chalkboards and I think I really like that!

Have a great day!