Natures-GardenA friend of mine told me about this company that she started using to get fresh fruits and vegetables – it is called Nature’s Garden Delivered.  I got one order last week of a “small” box delivered directly to my house.  If I can get a group together to form a co-op then everyone in my co-op would get a discount.  If you live near me in Woodstock, Georgia check out this website and let me know if you would be interested.

Send me an email if you think you might want to do this with me.  I had my first delivery last week and we have eaten just about everything.  My next delivery is next Thursday because I set it up for every other week – but I may need to do it every week or get a bigger box.  Let me know what you think and email me at

Maybe we can even share recipes.  I made twice-baked potatoes – Greg and Tyler liked those – I froze the extras.  We had baked Vidalia onions one night – yum.  The other onions I used in a chicken dish that had caramelized onions on top.  I still have to use the peppers – I’m really the only one that eats those.  And the corn I just cooked but then no one else wanted to eat it on the cobb – so I have to cut it off and make creamed corn instead.  The fruit we just ate – but we like our bananas green (I know – I get weird faces) and these we had to eat quick cause a soon as they get spots they don’t go over well in our house – unless I make banana bread out of them – that’s what I have to do with ripe bananas – freeze them for later.