This is another layout from Heather’s MDS class.  This is “The many faces of Tyler” – my boys don’t want me to take their picture.  I tend to get turned heads, something in front of the face, eyes closed, goofy looks and everything in between.  Tyler is the worst of the three and I always tell him one day I’m going to create a scrapbook page with those crazy pictures.

Well that day has come and I added some of those silly pictures of Tyler – this was Easter last year and I wanted some pictures of the boys.  Putting something in front of his face, puffy chest with a funky face, wide open mouth!

I thought the silly frogs suited the layout and all the bright papers.  The little pennant punch is lots of fun to use to make banners!

On another subject – I thought I’d give you a quick update on my birds – for those that enjoy the bird posts during the spring time.  I am starting to see activity in the yard.  Today I noticed the chick-a-dees active around one of the houses and when I peeked in – they are starting to build a nest.  When I find my camera I’ll get a picture.  And exciting news – the red-bellied woodpecker was inside the woodpecker house today!  The other times I’ve seen him (I think it is the male) was just looking in but today he was inside – I think that’s a good sign – now to keep an eye out for his mate and hope that she lays some eggs inside. I also saw a Tufted Titmouse looking in one of the houses yesterday (the same one they used last year) – so hopefully they will be back.  And I think the bluebirds came by the feeders not sure if they checked out any of the houses this time though.  I’m excited for the birds to begin nesting again – we’ll see how many babies we have this year!