More My Digital Studio for you today.  This was the Day 3 layout for Heather’s MDS class.

I titled it “son of a son of a sailor” – and in the picture is my brother, my nephew and my dad.  My nephew started learning how to sail this past summer so they officially fit the title now.  We grew up sailing and listening to Jimmy Buffet and his songs.  My brother and I started sailing when we were about 9 years old – I mean on a boat by ourselves – we were on a boat much earlier than that.  In fact my mom was on the boat with my dad when she was pregnant with me.  So I’ve been sailing since a very young age!  But around 9 was when we got our own little boats and went to junior sailing camp to learn how to sail by ourselves.

My brother stuck with it – me not so much – it was mostly boys that sailed and I was around them all the time.  Maybe that’s why God gave me 3 boys he figured I was already used to being with boys all the time.  So now my dad still sails, my brother sails and my  nephew is just learning – but he started at 6 a little bit younger than we did.

What did you do when you were growing up and did you stick with it into adulthood?  Just curious……