I have been working on a My Digital Studio project the past couple of days.  I decided to take the pictures I have from the Stampin’ Up! Convention and create an album in My Digital Studio that I can show as a slide show with the Share What You Love theme song playing in the background.  I have about 6 pages done and love it so far.  I thought I would share one of the pages with you.  This is one of my favorite ones so far – these are pictures I took of all the flowers and gardens at Temple Square in Salt Lake City.  Every year we want to go there but never have time.  So this year we decided not to plan anything for the day we arrived – which was Tuesday – and use that time to walk around and visit Temple Square.

I just love all the pretty flowers.  The photo in the center of the bottom row is of a family of quail (I think that is what they are).  Michele, Diane and Becky stopped to talk to someone and as I turned around I notice this large group of birds waddling across the sidewalk from one section of the gardens to another.  Well you know me I had to go check it out.  I got over there with my camera just in time.  About half of them were already through the bushes and I only got a picture of the last few before they disappeared.

This page was very easy to create in My Digital Studio.  I am working with a 12 x 12 album and I started with a blank page.  I added a background paper which is the Designer Series Paper in Pear Pizazz Wallpaper print.  Then I added a photo layout on top.  In the Resource Palette it is the 5th button over and when you hover over it it says – “Click to Access Photo layouts”.  Click on that and it brings up a selection of different layouts to choose from.  I picked the one I wanted and it adds it to my page.  Then I Click over on the little camera (the 1st button) to access my pictures.  Browse to the folder on your computer with the pictures you want to use.  Then I just click and drag the photos into each box.  I normally go back and select each one to adjust the crop to show the portion of the full photograph that I want to see on my page.  Last I added a text box with my title.  My Digital Studio uses fonts that are loaded on your computer.  This happens to be one that I downloaded for free and is not a standard font.

I hope to post the entire slide show to my blog when it is finished.  So hopefully I can figure out how to do that.

Have a great day – I spent most of it shopping with Kyle to get him ready for college.  We had a long list of little things to buy – an alarm clock was at the top and I made him get a little hand held vacuum for keeping his dorm room clean too.

Thanks for stopping by!