First I’m excited to tell you I found another bird nest today!  So this is a bird update and I’ll post a stamping project in a little while.  I had a fun class this morning and after it was over Greg wanted me to walk out front so he could tell me what he plans to do with the yard – first he said he plans to cut back the bushes in the front of the house – I said wait I need to check if there are any nests in there.  Well guess what – sure enough there is a nest and mama bird was sitting on it!  So no cutting of the bushes is allowed!

Do you know who that is?  It is a female Cardinal.  She must have eggs in there but I’ll have to wait for her to leave to see them.  She hunkered down when we first found her – I took this picture later and her head was up a little bit more.  The male cardinal is the bright red bird that we see all the time – the female has the bright red beak but her body is more brown with just a red tinge.

And then I decided to walk around to the other side and see if anyone was visiting the nest in the tree – and yes it is a Robin’s nest.  She was standing on the edge for a very long time and then finally hopped in the nest – maybe she was laying an egg.  Last year the Robin’s raised two babies – I think there may have been 3 eggs to begin with and one didn’t make it.  So maybe 2 or 3 babies this time.  The nest is too high to see so I’ll have to wait until they are born and grow a bit so I can see them.  Here is the mom – one picture is from my driveway and then the other is from the opposite side up on the hill in my backyard.

Very pretty with the pink flowers blooming in the tree.

So Wow – 5 nests this year – I’m so excited about it!  Bluebird, Tufted Titmouse, Chick-a-Dee, Robin and the Cardinal! And out of the three nests I could see there are already 14 eggs.  I’ll check them again tomorrow or later this afternoon.

Have a great spring day!

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