And we have another Blog Bingo winner!

It is Cinthia from MI.  Congratulations Cinthia!  I’ll be sending you your prize in the mail!

Here are her messages to me the past couple of days:

“Hi Monika,
You’ve been asking if anyone is getting close. I have two possibilities of 4 (actually have had that for a couple of days), but so far nothing. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get the 5th one. I keep dreading every morning that someone else will post that they have bingo. I guess that’s part of the game. 🙂 Thanks for letting me play.
Maybe I’ll be the one e-mailing you tomorrow. 🙂

and then today she sent this:

I have Bingo!!!!

How exciting to be the winner!!

I’ll get the next group – Group 5 –  ready and send cards out on Monday 10/11 with the new game starting on Tuesday – 10/12.  That will be Group 5 and I’ll send your cards to you in an email.  Thanks for playing!