Round 1 of Monika’s Blog Bingo had a winner on Friday.  Today I’ll be sending out Bingo cards to round 2 –  Here are the round 2 players:

  • Sherry from NC
  • Linda from TX
  • Lauren from NC
  • Beth from CA
  • Kristi from NV
  • Jennifer from CA
  • Donna from NY
  • Lisa from ID
  • Babe from CA
  • Janet from NC
  • Debbie from NJ
  • Sue from MN
  • Patrice from CA
  • Kristie from KS
  • Rose from CT
  • Eve from FL

Look for an email from me with your Bingo card later today.  I will start calling pieces beginning on Sunday 8/29. If you want to play Monika’s Blog Bingo read this post.