I was excited to get to attend the Manager’s Reception at the Stampin’ Up! Leadership conference this year.  Remember I went back in January.  At the reception we enjoy a night of entertainment from the Chinese Acrobats.  I think I already posted about that earlier in the year but today I wanted to share a My Digital Studio page that I created.

I used the logo from the event for one of the photos.  The layout idea is from Heather’s MDS class.  The long skinny photo frames worked out well for the photos from the event since everything was tall – all of their acrobats where up in the air.  The guy doing handstands on the chairs.  The girls that were balancing and twirling tables and statues, and then the guys flipping through the hoops – some amazing acrobats – I’m not sure how the can be so flexible and so strong and have good balance.