Did you notice in the Stampin’ Up! Occasions Mini Catalog on page 17 the Love Bots?

The photo is pretty small so I didn’t think much about them at first.  But then my friend Jeanette ordered some for her twin boys so I got to see them in person.  Oh my!  These are the cutest things and so much BIGGER than I expected them to be.  I didn’t take the time to really read the measurements or look at them because my boys are big and we don’t do Valentine’s.  But if you have young children these are PERFECT for you and your child!

There Girl and Boy Love Bots and each pack includes 30 die-cut valentine boxes – 10 each of 3 designs.  There are 30 clear round closure stickers and little die cut hearts on a circle that you can use for a tag or decoration.  The boy greetings are: Best Friends; Hello, Human; and You’re out of this world!.  The girl greetings are: Totally thinking of you friend; Hello, Human; and I lug you.

Have your child fill out the to: and from: while the box is flat.  Then fold it up, stick something in side and close it with the clear sticker.  Super quick, cute and easy!

Here are a few ideas that I did with mine (Jeanette was so nice she let me have a few!).

put a cookie inside a cello bag

add a lollipop

dress it up with ribbon

I used one of the Stampin’ Up! cellophane bags and put a cookie inside.  Sealed it with a piece of tape and put that inside the valentine box.

I folded the bottom flap so I could punch a hole in the bottom using my crop-a-dile.  Then insert a lollipop inside the valentine box.  To cover the extra hole I just stuck one of the little heart die cuts over it.

If you want to dress it up a bit then tie a piece of ribbon around the top or the box, or punch holes and create a ribbon handle.  For mine I tied a piece of the Bashful Blue Striped Grosgrain ribbon around the top of the box.  Then I used one of the little heart die cuts and punched a hole in it.  I tied that to my ribbon with a piece of crochet thread.   There is just a pack of candy inside the box and then it is sealed shut with the clear circle sticker that comes in the kit.

Now I wish my boys were little again so we could make these for their friends at school.    It would be fun to decorate a matching shoebox to hold all the valentines in.  I know we used to do that every year when they were younger.

If you would like to order the LOVE BOTS for your child for Valentine’s Day you can visit my online store on my website – click the SHOP NOW button after you get there – www.monika.stampinup.net.  Or you can email me or call me and I’ll put the order in for you.

I figured out why I was so cold last night – the heat on the main level of our house isn’t working.  This morning when I came down it was freezing so I went to adjust the thermostat and it said is was 61 degrees which means it wasn’t on at all because it should be staying around 67 at night.  I told Greg and he’ll have to check on it when he gets home from work.

Have a great day! And come back to visit me again!