Yep I found more eggs.  The other house with the nest has 6 eggs in it today!  Some were probably there the other day too but they were covered so I couldn’t see them.  So here is the egg count –

House #1 – 6 eggs – looks to be a Tufted Titmouse

House #1 - 6 eggs 4/1/2011

House #2 – no eggs, no nest

House #3 – 5 eggs – Chickadee

House #3 - 5 eggs - 4/1/2011

House #4 – is the woodpecker house, no eggs, but there have been visitors – come back for those pictures tomorrow.

The Bluebirds have been looking in the houses too.

Here they are looking in House #1 – but there is a nest with eggs in there so they can’t use that one.

Here they are looking in House #2 – which is empty.  But someone has been roosting in there so it is dirty.  I’m going to take it down and clean it today and put it back up.  I hope they’ll come back and build a nest real quick.

I’ve seen some other birds that seem to be grabbing nesting material but then they fly off so they must be working on nests somewhere else.  A robin grabbed up dirt/grass out of the yard.  And I saw a cardinal with a big leaf – it was as big as she was.  Everyone is busy.

I’ll be back later with a stamping project and tomorrow with some woodpecker pictures.