Here is a quick update on the birds.  The weather has been so rainy and yesterday so cold and windy that I haven’t been out to check on the birds much.  I checked the houses this morning and the Bluebirds – havchickadee-neste no eggs yet.  The Chickadees I can’t tell but the birds were not in the house so she isn’t sitting on the eggs if there are any.  I did get a picture of the nest – I just can’t quite see over into the hole to look for eggs.

Last week I noticed some birds out front that looked like they were building a nest well today I finally took a peek out in my front bushes and sure enough there is a nest in one of them.  And mama bird was in it and flew out when she saw me.   I took a peek and there are THREE eggs in it.  I couldn’t get a picture because it is buried quite well in the center of my bush.  Here is a picture of dad:

eastern-towhee This is an Eastern Towhee and the male has all the black coloring on his head and back.  The female is more brown colored.  Here they have red eyes but I read that in Florida some have pale eyes.  My book says the build their nest near the ground (and this one is in a low bush) and is well concealed.  I only looked for it because I saw the birds last week with nesting material in their mouths and thought there might be one nearby.   My book says they are in decline probably because they stay near the ground which makes them vulnerable to cats.  I’ll have to keep my eye out for the neighborhood cats – I haven’t seen them all winter but there are several I have to shoo out of my yard every year.

I’ll be posting some stamping stuff later.

Have a great day – today is supposed to be nice and then three more days of rain are coming.