On the back of our house we have a screened in porch.  We also have two dogs and no doggy door so the door to the screened porch stays open.  As a result I get the occasional bird (and occasionally other animals) stuck inside my screened porch.  They seem to get in and then can’t seem to find their way back out.  So this weekend I found this couple in my screened porch.

This is a House Finch – the female is on the left and the male is on the right.  He has the red color on him and she is plain brown.  First I took their picture then I headed out to help them find their way out.  The male got out fairly quickly but the female took a while longer.  The male did not leave her – he sat in a nearby tree and waited.  So when she finally flew out she went right to him.  And boy did they have a loud conversation.

I figured it was one of two different conversations – “What were you thinking going in there….are you crazy….that was the dumbest thing you have ever had us do….” or “Oh honey, I am so glad to see you….I’m so glad you are safe….I love you…..”  Who knows but they eventually quieted back down and finally flew off.

And here is another picture I thought I would share just because it is funny.  A Chipmunk sat up on the edge of the wall near the bird feeders and just as I took his picture he jumped – so I got him “flying” -all 4 feet are off the ground.

I hope you enjoy the pictures – I’ll be back later with a stamping project.