baby-deerLook who came to visit today – a family of deer – mom and two babies.

They came from behind the house across the street.  And this baby started to come up our front hill towards the front door – but Aspen was having an absolute fit over those deer.  That was why I looked outside in the first place to see what he was so worked up about.  He did the same thing a few days ago and I saw the one deer that day but she was gone before  I could get the camera out.  Today I was faster – or they were slower.

The other baby came part way over and then they decided to go back – I guess mom called them – not sure how deer communicate but they turned around and started to follow her.  They went across to the street to the next house.  The babies munched on some plants while mom watched and listened.  I guess they have such big ears so they can hear everything.  Then they went back down the hill between the houses.

I wonder if they’ll be back again tomorrow.


I need to get out my Forest Friends stamp set and make something with it now.

BTW – Paper shares are ready and I’m finishing the ribbon shares tonight.

My next class is on Friday – one at 10:00 am and again at 7:00 pm.  If you live near Woodstock, Georgia you are welcome to come to my class – demos included.  This week we will be making a variety of cards from swaps I received a convention.  Each of the new In-Colors will be represented on at least one of the cards.

Come join me for a fun stamping class in my Craft Room.