Happy Memorial Day!

Thanks to all who sacrifice for our freedoms.  Yesterday we went to Stone Mountain for their Memorial Day Laser Show celebration.  We haven’t been in several years to see the show and it was so good.  I love that they have some of the original classic portions of the show and then update it with new segments too.  It is always very patriotic no matter what day it is.  Greg, Tyler and Ryan and I headed to the mountain late in the afternoon and first hiked up the mountain – all the way up the granite mountain!

Tyler, Greg and Ryan on top of Stone Mountain

view of the skyline of Atlanta and perimeter area

After we got back down we unpacked the cooler for some sandwiches – boy those are good after that hike.  Once we were done we wanted to move and park the car closer to the lawn where we watch the laser show.  We made some strategic parking decisions (which turned out to be the best spot ever and easy to leave once the show was over).  Then walked to find a spot on the Memorial lawn.  It was much more crowded than we expected – it was still about 3 hours before the show.  We found some spots to layout our blankets and towels and settled in for some nap time, card playing, people watching, cloud watching, and relaxation – the laser show doesn’t start until 9:30.

View of the carving on Stone Mountain from our seats on the lawn.

If you come to Georgia one of the sites you need to see is Stone Mountain and if you can stay for the laser show during the summer months.  Since it is dark the pictures aren’t the best but the real life show is amazing and the changes over the years is amazing.  There was also a big fireworks celebration and lots of patriotic music and images were included in the show.

one of my favorite traditional parts of the show – the lasers trace the carvings and then finish the horses and then they start charging

This was new since I have seen the show they now use technology to “finish” the carving on the mountain and show the whole thing. This portion of the show was amazing – as you saw rock “falling” off to create the carving.

fireworks with the mountain and carving in the background

I just found this article about the show – click here – it looks like the new show was introduced last year – I think.

I’ll be back in a little while with a Stampin’ project and I’ll have projects all week too.  See you in a bit.