I was going to make a card for Earth Day but didn’t get to it yet.  I did however finish all my projects for the Royal Blog Tour – I think I could have used some of those for Earth Day but you will have to wait until the tour at the end of the month.  So do be sure to come back – I have three great projects featuring the Herb Expressions stamp set.

So instead of another stamping project (I already posted one today) I’m going to share some bird pictures I took this morning.  The Bluebirds were feeding their babies so I got a few pictures of them.

Bluebird mom flying in

Bluebird dad bringing in food

I caught the mom flying in – her wings are so fast they are just a blur in the photo.  She came in a dropped off something and then a few minutes later the dad came in with a little something too.

Bluebird dad

Then I got a couple of pictures at the feeders – the top one is empty again – it’s a good thing I got more seed yesterday. I also hung the hummingbird feeder out today so hopefully I’ll start seeing them soon too.

woodpecker at the suet block

Mrs. Bluebird getting some seeds

I hope you are having a good Earth day!