Last week I had my monthly hands-on class.  It was my Ice Cream Party class and we had a blast!  I took some pictures of all the girls working on their projects and told them I was going to post on my blog.  So here they are:

Here is Jamie and her niece, Olivia, working on their ice cream kits.  Jamie brought Olivia to two classes while she was visiting during her summer break.

And here is Sue working hard on her kit.  I think they were all mad at me because they had to cut out so many ice cream cones and ice cream scoops for the projects.  I just keep telling them it is so much cuter when they are cut out!

And there is Travice working at the Big Shot Station.  She has that at the top of her wish list and is saving her money to get it in the near future.  It is a must have these days for me – I think I use it for every class that I do. Travice has invited me to do a class for her woman’s group and I’m so excited.  We set our date for this fall.

Here is the other half of the group – Lisa, Lana and Jeannette were in the other room working on some ice cream cards.  The whole class was based on the Sweet Scoops stamp set from the Stampin’ Up! Summer Mini catalog.  I love all the things you can do with this set.  I showed them the kissing techniques – there is more than one way to kiss you know… And we did Rock ‘n Roll and the Baby Wipe technique.  All that with one stamp set in one class!

I hope everyone had as much fun as I did – they were all smiles so I’m pretty sure they had a great time.

So here is my convention prep work update:

Shoebox swap – 49 cards – ummmm nothing done on this one yet, I have an idea floating in my head though

UDI card swap – 19 cards – designed, cut and needs to be assembled

UDI 3-D swap – I only have to make 1!  And I know what it is just need to decide if I want to give away my sample or make a new one.

General swap 1 – 25 card fronts – designed, cut and half are assembled

General swap 2 – 25 card fronts – designed, cut, and all are assembled

General swap 3 – 25 card fronts – I have an idea in mind, I just need to work on it

General swap 4 – 25 card fronts – hoping to get to this one

Friend gifts – planning to make some amount of something to give to friends I see

Roommate gifts – 3 – designed

So that is where things stand and I better keep working to get it all done.

Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog and if you are going to be at the Stampin’ Up! Convention come find me and swap with me!

And let me say a quick “Happy Birthday” to my son Ryan who is 14 today on the 14th of July!  He is the first one to reach the age of his birth date –  see he does get to be first at something.  My other boys were born on the 21st and 29th so it will still be a while before they get to accomplish that.