So this post isn’t a stamping project but pictures from our trip last week.  I should have them in a scrapbook page but haven’t done that yet.

During our trip to North Carolina we took one day to visit Grandfather Mountain.  On part of the mountain was a wildlife habitat area with animals.  I was very excited to see an Eagle –

Isn’t it such a beautiful bird.  This one was rescued from somewhere out west where it had been injured – someone shot it – so it can’t fly and lives in the habitat on Grandfather Mountain.

We also got to see some bears up close – I think I saw 4 different ones.  They all looked so hot and several of them went and sat in the water.  I guess it feels good to cool off.

There were Otters too.  This one was rolling around in the grass.  Then he went and played in the water a little bit.  I’m not sure how many were in the habitat.

I also got to see the Cougars.  The trainer came by while I was standing there and asked if I wanted to see them up close – I said “sure”.  So he went around and threw in spearmint and catnip and called their names so they would com right up to the overlook.  The male cougar was named “Aspen”.  I told the trainer that my male dog was also named Aspen.  Aspen the cougar didn’t care much for what the trainer threw in and walked away but the female seemed to like it.  She rolled around on the ground and held it between her paws – I’m not sure that she really ate it or anything but mostly rubbed it on herself.

There was also a deer habitat but they were way in the back so my pictures were not good.  Then look at these animals:

Oh no – I’m sorry – those aren’t really animals – those are all of our kids at the top of Grandfather Mountain!

And then of course you need to see me and Greg at the top of the mountain too.

Boy it was windy up there!  And walking across that swinging bridge is a little bit scary.  I’m not usually afraid of heights, but with that wind blowing it sure doesn’t feel that secure.

This is the view from the far side after coming across the bridge and climbing across the rocks.  I took the picture looking back at the visitor center building.   From this picture it looks so much further away than it seemed when I was climbing the rocks to get there.

It was quite amazing out there.  I thought this was a great park to visit so if you should have the chance don’t miss it – Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina.  I think it is a state park and not a national park but I’m not positive.

Have a great weekend and a happy 4th of July!!