Hi all!  It’s late on Saturday night as I write this post and Tyler is packing up his room getting ready to move to his dorm tomorrow as he starts the next phase of his life.  I can’t believe he is headed off to college already.  Time has passed so quickly.

While he was packing I decided to create a My Digital Studio scrapbook page.  These were some pictures that I took this summer when we were at the beach.  It is so different now that most of the kids are driving and headed off to college.  The adults were able to do what they wanted and the kids for the most part entertained themselves.  This particular night they all decided to play a game together – all 7 of the kids – my three (Kyle, Tyler and Ryan), my two nieces (Natalia and Emily) , my nephew (Nicholas), and one of the cousins (Emma).  They pulled out the cards and decided to play Spoons – but instead of using spoons they were using the pool tags that came with the condo.  So maybe we should call it Tags.

Let’s see if I can list some of the digital elements that I used –

-Downtown Grunge Digital kit – the background paper, the white frames, and the tape

-Stamp Brush Sets – Extreme Elements, First Edition, one of the alphabet sets (I forgot which one), My Friend, and an overlay

The rest is text and photo boxes.

Have a great weekend!