I found this organization earlier this year – I’m not exactly sure where I came across them but mostly likely on one of the stamping yahoo groups that I am part of.  I had lots of card fronts from swaps and I just hate to throw them away and I didn’t have time to turn them into cards so I had kept them in a box.  Once I found this organization I knew that I now had found a place for them to go.  Over the summer I started cleaning out my craft closet and craft room and collecting all the card fronts into one box – I had so many I had to find a bigger box.  Once the box was full I sent it to the From Out Hearts organization. That was a couple of months ago now and I had forgotten that they would post it on their blog when the box was received.  So I thought I better go see if I could find it … I did and here is the Post on my package on the From Our Hearts blog.

This is the ABOUT description on their blog:  From Our Hearts is a not-for-profit 501c3 that was started by stampers wanting to help service men and women stay in touch with their loved ones back home in the States by providing them with quality handcrafted greeting cards. Today, our international effort has sent thousands of cards to our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, all donated by the huge stamping community world wide.

You can help in various ways – by donating on the blog to pay for supplies such as envelopes, postage, or packing tape.  You can donate completed cards with or without envelopes, you can donate card fronts that they will turn into full cards.    Or just donate money.

I’ll be gathering more cards to send to the group – if you live near me and have any that you want to include in my shipment be sure to bring them the next time you come to my house.  Holiday cards have already been sent overseas so now they are looking for Valentine’s Day, and the general stuff – birthday, sympathy, new baby, get well, miss you, etc…

Thanks so much!