One of the best things about the Stampin’ Up! Convention is all the friends that you get to make.  I saw friends that I have made from earlier events that I only see this one time a year, and made new friends almost everywhere along the trip including at the airport on the way and at the airport after I got back I ran into another demo who was also trying to find her luggage from our canceled flight.

I felt really special when someone recognized me from my blog!  That was the highlight for me to have someone say “Your Monika Davis!”  It always made me feel so good – thanks so much to everyone that came up to me at convention!  Here are some of the pictures of new and old friends from convention this year.

Michele, Diane, Becky and Me - Roommates 2010

Michele and I met at my first convention – I needed a roommate and found her through one of the demonstrator groups – we met for the first time in the hotel room we shared that year.  Two conventions later she brought Diane along and I brought Sue (who couldn’t come this year) and the four of us roomed together for a couple of years. Since Sue couldn’t join us this year I put out a note that we were looking for a roommate and Becky answered so we met her this year in the hotel room we shared.  Michele and Diane are both from Iowa and Becky is from Ohio.  The four of us had a great time together this year.


We met Katy and her group on the bus ride over to the Stampin’ Up! corporate office.  We continued to see them throughout the week.  I thought we had a picture of their whole group but I couldn’t find it – I think what happened was that we took pictures of their group with their cameras not ours.  If I remember correctly they were from Tenn.  And Katy was one of the Rising Stars this year – an award that new demonstrators can earn during their first full year with Stampin’ Up!

Me and Maxine

This is my first time to meet Max.  She is a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator and an employee at Stampin’ Up! (how fun is that!).  She has a group called Utah Divas International which I joined earlier this year to share ideas and business tips.  I met many new people in the group at a dinner and swap we had on Friday night.

Becky, Nancy, Carolyn, Libby, Michele, Diane, Monika, Carole and Brenda

We got together with some of the ladies from the STARZ group for dinner on Saturday night.  Nancy and Carolyn I met a few years ago and they brought Libby for her first convention – they are all from Texas.  Carole I have also known a couple of years and she came in from California. Brenda was a new friend that Becky met earlier in the day that came to convention alone and was staying alone in a hotel so we invited her to join us for dinner – friendships are easy to find at a Stampin’ Up! convention. We all have something in common!  Brenda is from Florida.

Sandy and Me

This is me with Sandy Hancock.  She is my 4th level upline and lives in California.  Her group is the Udderly Awesome group and she had a gathering on Friday night.  She asked me to do a demonstration for her gathering and I was so honored.  I’ll have another post with more on that.

Robin and Me

This is Robin who I met for the first time in person this year at convention.  We have connected online over the year and I was very excited to meet her in person.  She is one of the top demonstrators for Stampin’ Up!.  She won many of the awards at awards night, was one of the ladies doing demonstrations at the Flower Power Party and was selected for the 2nd year in a row to server on the advisory board for Stampin’ Up! and honor given to only 8 demonstrators each year.  She is a Stampin’ Up! Idol!

Becky, Shannon and Me

This one is Becky and I with Shannon West – she is a demonstrator and works for Stampin’ Up!. She was one of the class instructors and did a product demonstration on the main stage the last day of convention.  I have met her a couple of time before – she is so nice and loves Diet Coke – can you tell?

Tricia and Me

This was Tricia who I met at the Recruit Crew Breakfast.  She is from Canada.  We sat together during the morning general session after the breakfast.  I met so many other demonstrators – these were the ones I had pictures of.  I’m trying now to find the business cards and swaps that I exchanged and see if I can add my new friends on Stampin’ Connection.  I’m so excited to have so many new friends!  Someone else said that it didn’t matter what airport you were at in the US you could find a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator that could come get you if you were stranded – I guess you just need your computer with you so you can send out the plea  – I almost had to do that in Salt Lake City on Sunday but most of the demonstrators were also trying to get home.